For Preceptors

Our preceptors are what make Project PROMISE possible. For a high school student growing up in Yancey or Mitchell counties it is often difficult to acquire meaningful exposure to the health care system. Our preceptors provide this exposure in addition to sharing their unique perspective as health care practitioners in a rural community. Our interns are selected based on demonstration of academic achievement, community involvement, maturity, and intent to one day practice in a rural area. All students participate in a weeklong orientation before their rotations. During this time they complete HIPAA and OSHA requirements and receive all necessary screens and immunization.


Who are these students?  

The interns are high school seniors from Mountain Heritage and Mitchell High Schools who have been selected based on a written application and interview process.

What is the time commitment?

We request that each preceptor site host three (3) interns each semester. for 1-5 days apiece. Rotations last for 2 hours each afternoon (2:30pm – 4:30pm). If your practice cannot commit to hosting all of the interns, we would appreciate whatever level of commitment you can provide. The weeks do not have to be consecutive weeks and practitioners are assigned one student each rotation.

What is my role as a preceptor?

As a preceptor, you or your designate will be the primary contact and supervisor for the student intern during their days with you. Students spend this time with the designated clinical mentors in the preceptor’s practice or clinic, hospital or nursing home setting, and/or home visits, and observe procedures as well as the inner workings of the medical community.

Will the students have liability insurance?

Students enrolled in the internship program are covered under their school’s liability coverage. Copies of these policies are on file at MAHEC.

What if I am employed by Mission Health System?

Per established MAHEC agreement with Mission Health, students selected for this program will be eligible to shadow in Mission practices.

If you are interested in precepting our students, or have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: