Community Service

Integral to our model of community education and mentorship is the value of service to others. Our students are incredibly fortunate to have many mentors and local organizations heavily invested in their success. During their semester-long internship they are expected to emulate this model of homegrown initiatives by working together to design and implement a community health service project. The long-term intent of this component is to foster a spirit of pride and commitment to community that may one day facilitate our students’ return to Western North Carolina.

We are always looking for ways in which our students can augment and collaborate with existing community agencies so as to ensure the sustainability of their service endeavors. If you represent a local organization and have a project that you would like our students to consider becoming involved in please contacts us.

Past service projects have included the following:

  • Pet Therapy Day at Brookside Rehabilitation-Care
  • Healthy Eating Education at South Toe Elementary School
  • Poetry and Storytelling at the Brian Center for Health & Rehabilitation
  • Peer-to-peer informational session on consequences of and local resources for substance abuse