2014 – 2015

Madison Charlton, MHHS*                Kelsie Buchanan, MHS*

Hannah England, MHHS*                  Star Ledford, MHS*

Briana Higgins, MHHS*                      Skylar Hughes, MHS*

Kaitlin Cole, MHHS*                            Samantha Fortner, MHS*

Caeley Mayo, MHS*                              Chris Hill, MHS*

Spring 2016

Madison Charlton, Yancey

Christen Thomas, Mitchell

Summer 2016

Sophia Coren, Yancey

Sabrina Wheeler, Yancey

Tiana Thomason,Yancey

Fall 2016

Lauren Biddix, Yancey

Taylor Cook, Mitchell

Spring 2017

Landry Phillips, Tri County Christian

Hanna Atkins, McDowell

Makenzie Elliot, McDowell

Rhionna Harris, McDowell

Fall 2017

Adrienne Hollifield, McDowell

Hadyn Thynne, McDowell

Rebecca Molina, McDowell

Brooke Silver, Yancey

Danielle Grindstaff, Mitchll


Taylor Cook & Lauren Biddix, Fall 2016 Students




Christen Thomas & Madison Charlton- Spring 2016 Graduates


End of year celebration at CELO Health Center










*Our initial program model solely involved school-based mentorship, instruction, and community service.


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