2014 – 2015

Madison Charlton, MHHS*                Kelsie Buchanan, MHS*

Hannah England, MHHS*                  Star Ledford, MHS*

Briana Higgins, MHHS*                      Skylar Hughes, MHS*

Kaitlin Cole, MHHS*                            Samantha Fortner, MHS*

Caeley Mayo, MHS*                              Chris Hill, MHS*

Spring 2016

Madison Charlton, MHHS

Christen Thomas, MHS

Summer 2016

Sophia Coren, MHHS

Sabrina Wheeler, MHHS

Tiana Thomason,MHHS

Fall 2016

Lauren Biddix, MHHS

Taylor Cook, MHHS


Taylor Cook & Lauren Biddix, Fall 2016 Students




Christen Thomas & Madison Charlton- Spring 2016 Graduates


End of year celebration at CELO Health Center










*Our initial program model solely involved school-based mentorship, instruction, and community service.


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